Our Cuisine

Gracing the tables of Rosewood Chinese Cuisine is a combination of contemporary Cantonese and special Fuzhou style dishes and all your Dim Sum favourites. 

Our menu contains various selections to appeal to your every mood and craving: from classic Cantonese Starters to Live Seafood to Banquet Style Set Dinners and everything else in between. 

Fuzhou Style Cuisine 

Fuzhou Cuisine is one of the four types of cuisine from Fujian province in China and is also classified as one of the Eight Great Traditions of Authentic Chinese Cuisine. 

The unique characteristics of Fuzhou Cuisine involves delicate knife work to enhance texture and interest, flavours are light and refreshing with mellow aromas, have an emphasis on soups and broths, and dishes are meticulously prepared and refined using braising, stewing, and steaming techniques.