The Cuisine


The Cuisine

Our Cuisine

Gracing the tables of Rosewood Chinese Cuisine is a combination of contemporary Cantonese and special Fuzhou style dishes and all your Dim Sum favourites. 

Our menu contains various selections to appeal to your every mood and craving: from classic Cantonese Starters to Live Seafood to Banquet Style Set Dinners and everything else in between. 

Fuzhou Style Cuisine 

Fuzhou Cuisine is one of the four types of cuisine from Fujian province in China and is also classified as one of the Eight Great Traditions of Authentic Chinese Cuisine. 

The unique characteristics of Fuzhou Cuisine involves delicate knife work to enhance texture and interest, flavours are light and refreshing with mellow aromas, have an emphasis on soups and broths, and dishes are meticulously prepared and refined using braising, stewing, and steaming techniques. 


The Rosewood Way

The Rosewood Way

History of Rosewood

Rosewood was constructed in Winter of 2011. The owner is Mr. Kenny Ni, who came to Canada in 1998 with his family from USA. He managed a small restaurant named "Rong Hwa" for 12 years that just across the street from Rosewood. After many years, Kenny was able to expand into Rosewood Chinese Cuisine.

The building hosting Rosewood was designed and fully renovated from bottom up, a project costing over 1.2 million and took more than one year to build. We provide a video wall on the mezzanine that can be used for weddings, parties, presentations and any other private functions.


Call: 416-593-9998
Or make an Online Reservation

Call: 416-593-9998
Or make an Online Reservation


We are open!

Dear customers,

We're happy to announce that our restaurant renovations are complete and we are now open for business! We have expanded our seating area on the ground floor and can now accommodate up to 130 guests. Also, we have extended our business hours to 12:00 AM, seven days a week.

Please visit us today and experience the improved Rosewood Chinese Cuisine!

Call for reservations: 416-593-9998

With our sincere thanks,

Rosewood Chinese Cuisine



All Day Dim Sum in Toronto's Chinatown

Located in the heart of Toronto’s beautiful Chinatown,Rosewood Chinese Cuisine opened its doors in 2012 offering diners a unique taste of Fuzhou style cuisine as well as a delectable selection of Dim Sum. We are committed to serving delicious dishes at a reasonable price while upholding our devotion to quality and the highest standards. 

We provide a wide range of Chinese cuisine:

  • All day Dim Sum from 9am to 12am
  • Hong Kong style, Cantonese and Fuzhou food
  • Set and combination dinners and a la cart menu
  • Tailored menus that are customized around our customer's budget & group

Seating Capacity: 130

Main Level

Our ground floor dining area is spacious enough to generously seat dozens of diners. The soaring ceiling and full-height window facade offers an open and well-lit environment for comfortable dining while the modern décor and grand chandelier adds a measure of luxury and elegance. 

Upper Level Mezzanine

Take a walk up to the 2nd floor and be treated to a classy dining room with ample seating. A railed balcony edge overlooks the ground floor below with tempered glass to separate the noise. Gracing the east wall are 4 large television panels for multimedia presentations. This upper level is perfect to host special events, private dinner parties, and celebrations with seating up to 80 people comfortably. Please contact us for booking information.Seats up to 80

Rosewood Chinese Cuisine is a Proud Member of Tourism Toronto


Service Excellence

Service Excellence

Our Team

Knowledgeable wait staff and industry experienced management to provide a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere for our customers.

We focus our client base towards our local neighbourhood. However, we hope to expand to Canadian and oversea tourists as well, where we can show our hospitality by introducing people to our in-house traditional Dim Sum, brunch, dinner and catering service.

The Rosewood Focus

Focus On Service

Our friendly and trained staff and managers are dedicated to servicing you and ensuring your needs are met.

Focus On Quality

We prepare our dishes with utmost care and attention to detail. Ingredients are always fresh and cooking practices are always healthy.

Focus On Authenticity

Our chefs are overseas trained to bring you that true Chinese Taste, with an added focus on Authentic Fuzhou style cuisine.

Please call for reservations 416.593.9998
Or reserve online: